Welcome to my BLOG - Living on the Top Line

Living on the Top Line means that this blog is about sales, selling, and sales management focused on the retail home furnishings (furniture) business. I've been involved in the retail furniture industry for 44 years now, and my book, also titled "Living on the Top Line" was written after the 2008 financial crash to help furniture retailers deal with what I call, the new retail reality.

Since then, things have gotten even more confusing and competitive for furniture retailers and their salespeople and support employees with the advent of online retailing of furniture - something that a lot of people in our business said would never happen - and I want to offer some ideas, suggestions  to salespeople, managers and owners of Bricks & Mortar stores that might help improve your business and the quality of life.

I have found over my years working with hundreds of stores as a consultant and adviser that the one common missing ingredient is that lack of a well-thought-out, written selling strategy (or system) that everyone fully understands and is committed to every day. It's the Game Plan that spells out how you will meet, greet, serve and retain customers in this new retail reality.

I hope I can deliver on that promise, and look forward to feedback from everyone. You can reach me at joefcap@gmail.com with comments or questions.